How to Make your Breast Bigger: Some Secrets of Visual Improvement!

Most men prefer full-breasted women, but not every woman can boast of a big breast. At the same time, most women with small-sized breasts understand that bigger boobs cause bigger problems. And they are fully satisfied with their breast size. But in order to look sexy and more beautiful, they use some secrets to make them visually bigger because no one will oppose that bigger bust looks much more attractive.

It’s all about Right Lingerie

Of course, most women know how to get bigger breasts with the help of bodice. In order to make your breast not only visually bigger but more invitingly, you should keep the following rules:

– your bra should be exactly the right size. Shoulder straps shouldn’t fall or stick into the body. Cups should support your breast without any discomfort;
– lingerie should be not only comfortable but beautiful as well because nice bra gives extra self-esteem;
– the best variant to make breast bigger is push-up bra. Thanks to push-up bra, breast looks 1 or 2 sizes large;
– the right bodice should have underwires that fix and lift the breast.

Tips for Choosing a Right Swimsuit

It may sound strange but the right swimsuit is also able to make your breast bigger. The following tips will help you to make the right choice:
– Swimsuit top should be exactly the right size, absolutely like your bra;
– If your swimsuit top will be light and the panties will be dark in color, your breast will look larger;
– Rushing, pleats and frilling on the top are also a good variant is you want your breast looks bigger;
– Animal, abstract, geometric prints are a good option, but be careful with horizontal stripes that make breast visually smaller.

In Searching of the Breast Enhancing Clothing

Properly chosen clothing can also help to make boobs visually bigger. For the purpose it’s better to wear:
– Tight fit clothing;
– Empire dresses with cutaway shoulders;
– Tops and vests with self-bra;
– Clothes with rushing, pleats and frilling in the area of the breast;
– Polo shirts and blouses with frilled front;
– Chunky-knit sweaters;
– A wide leather belt on the waist;
– Scarves, beads, necklaces.

Clothes color is also highly important. It’s better to choose light blouses and shirts because light color always adds dimension. The two-color blouse can enhance breast size visually if its top is made in white and the waistline and the bottom area are highlighted with a darker color. Among prints that make your breast look bigger, it is necessary to give preference to horizontal and wide lines on a blouse or shirt. The larger and brighter the print, the bigger bust you’ll get.

Cardinal Measures and not so Cardinal ones

If you have bought the right bodice and clothing, but still the result is not satisfying your only way out is other more serious measures. Most women having a desire to have big breast choose a breast-enlarging surgery. It’s a wonderful alternative really. But if you’re a little bit short in money and you’re afraid of all the surgical interventions, it’s not your variant at all. Some women use special breast enlargement cream, gel and pills that can really make your boobs big and sexual. They’re very effective and relatively uncostly with only one disadvantage: they work good but with regular usage. Less costly but less effective than breast cream is some natural ways to enlarge your breast. Among them are special sports exercises, some food products and regular care with some cosmetic products.


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